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Let us help you ignite your brand with captivating, modern, and responsive web development. Gain the power and flexibility of WordPress, which powers nearly 70+ million sites. Our web design will also enable you to edit and manage your own site with ease. With the knowledge and experience we have gained through the years, we can give you the edge you may be looking for.

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We want to help you grow your business and we want you to succeed. The founder of ShiftWeb has built the company on the understanding that small businesses are important to our society. We want to empower you to continue to do what you love without having to worry about whether you could be found on the internet. SEO is ever changing and we want to be your experts of choice to help you thrive.

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How To Adjust to Google’s Most Important Search Algorithm

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, your competition will rank better than you. Web giant Google has been reigning not only in search but also in mobile. Proof of this is the success of Android as the world’s most widely used mobile operating system and biggest mobile app store. With the company setting its sights on using the mobile platform as the next primary mode of communication and information access, Google’s search engine is set to experience a significant update. Come April 21, Google’s search algorithm will go through … [Read More...]

The Importance of Small Businesses

In the economic world, the tables are gradually turning from mega-corporations to small businesses. Although startup companies and small businesses may not be able to compete with huge conglomerates in terms of profit generation, they present unique opportunities and advantages that are keeping the world’s economy afloat. A 2012 article in Entrepreneur Magazine said that there are roughly 25 to 27 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, many of which are considered micro-businesses and run by solo entrepreneurs. That trend is expected to … [Read More...]

Web Design Trends for 2015

Each year begs for more exciting developments in web design, and 2015 is no different. We’ve seen a lot of changes in how websites function over the last few years, mainly because people want more visually appealing but highly functional sites. Here are some of the web design trends that will most likely stick around – and hit it big – in 2015: Flat Design As its name suggests, flat design involves two-dimensional images with no concept of depth or perspective. This web style became a staple in 2014, and it’s likely that it will linger … [Read More...]

Google Sends Mobile Usability Notifications to Webmasters

Is this a sign that a new mobile algorithm is coming? There is no doubt mobile browsing is just going to get bigger. Google recently sent a warning message to a huge number of webmasters whose websites are not yet ready for mobile devices. The mass notification was sent through email or Google Webmaster Tools under the subject line “fix mobile usability issues found on.” The message contained details on how the website may have serious errors when viewed on mobile browsers, and will therefore be subject to sanctions in search engine … [Read More...]

Why You Should Back Up Your Website

This period may be considered the age of online glory because the Internet can do pretty much anything – well, maybe except for household chores! However, there lies the caveat: the rise of online development also brings in more sophisticated cybercrimes such as malware and DDoS attacks. If you're a site owner, you're bound to a site failure at least once in your life. If you don’t prepare for worst-case scenarios for your website, you are making your site more vulnerable to online attacks or even total deletion. The time, money and … [Read More...]

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