Email Signature Etiquette

emailI was inspired to write this blog post because of the many bad signatures I see every day. It surprises me how so many people think their awful signatures are acceptable, so let’s discuss this, shall we? Now I know bad email signatures aren’t creating a hole in the ozone layer, but it’s a waste that can be avoided.

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New Domain Names are Coming!

What the dotSoon you will be able to choose a great new domain name and the days where your only domain extensions are .com, .org, and .net, or country specific extensions will be a thing of the past. With new domain names being released, website owners will be able to choose from over 900 new domain extensions. What’s more, these domains will be available in Chinese, Arabic, non-Latin, and languages based on the Cyrillic alphabet.

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Improve Email Deliverability for Google Apps with SPF and DKIM

Gmail IconAre you using Google Apps and have a problem with not receiving all your emails? Or maybe all your emails aren’t being sent out either. Sometimes, you find out the hard way. But have no fear, there is a way to fix this! Keep in mind that email deliverability isn’t solely a Google issue. It is a problem across all mail providers, but I’ll just be discussing Google Apps since this is what I use and have experience with.

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Basic Tips for Better WordPress Security

WordPress SecurityIf doesn’t matter what type of website you own, you should always be vigilant about security. It will be pretty damn frustrating and annoying to find that a hacker injected malware into your website’s files. It can also be very costly to clean it up.

If you feel overwhelmed or intimidated about implementing better security, remember that you’re not alone. Everyone is susceptible to attacks. And don’t worry, it is actually easier than you think to harden the security of your website.

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How To Redirect Your Godaddy Domain To Another Link

$1.99 .Com at!I was recently asked this by a friend so I decided to create a little blog post to show others how to do it as well. Godaddy is pretty good at making things a bit difficult for beginners. Don’t let their site confuse you, their domain services are actually really awesome. (Notice how I only said domain services — don’t ever get hosting with them.)

When would I need to redirect/forward my domain?

Domain forwarding is useful when you want people to be redirected to another site. For example, let’s say you have a account. Your blog link would be something like It’s not a very pretty link. Luckily, you can buy a domain name without hosting and do pretty much whatever you want with it. In this case, let’s say you bought the domain address You can have it where if anyone goes to, people will be redirected and see your blog. There are a ton of other great examples, but I think you get the point.

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