Look at your website right now. Do you feel the need to upgrade its outdated and run-of-the-mill appearance? Unfortunately, you might be facing the dilemma of not knowing where to start in customizing your page.

If your website is running on the most famous blogging platform, WordPress, then you’re in for a treat. There’s a ton of customizations and plugins available for free download online. One of the best customization elements trending nowadays is the content slider, where you can see snippets of various post types introduced in a vibrant and animated fashion.

If you want to ensure the best slider quality, Slider Revolution is one of the premium sliders available for WordPress. This plugin has gained popularity because of its flexibility and user-friendly features, and is available in either jQuery or WordPress.

Here are some of the reasons why Slider Revolution can help in making your website sexier and more appealing:

Responsive Mode

Slider Revolution is equipped with multi-functional features where you can display full screen, mid-size and thumbnails. It provides more options in creating multiple slides in various widths and sizes. Its responsive layout will automatically adjust the slider to fit in the viewer’s screen (PC, tablet or smartphone) without affecting the slider layout. However, you have the option to use a fixed layout.

Slide Layers

One of the most unique features leading to the popularity of Slider Revolution is its capability to arrange slide elements in layers. You may put elements on top of each other within a slide, and edit one of the elements without affecting the others. Layers are applicable to text, images, or videos.

Slide Editor

This plugin can access your photo library, videos and links for use in the sliders. You can freely customize and even edit the CSS of your sliders using the convenient Slide Editor, which gives you the power to choose how your sliders will look on the page (i.e. you may place the slider in the navigational bar, adorn it with thumbnails, or make it appear in a simple bullet style). Slide settings can be edited as well, such as shadow adjustment settings, slide show intervals and transition speed.

Drag and Drop Features

Layers in Slider Revolution allow you to have drag and drop capability, wherein you can paste elements anywhere in the slide and treat each one as an independent layer.

Slider Revolution helps you create video or image sliders layered with text quick and easy. Just grab layer elements to edit them or change their position in the slide. This drag and drop functionality is complemented by the provision for slide layering, as discussed above.

Customizable Video Playback

With Slider Revolution, you can create a virtual video wall wherein you can put multiple videos on a single slide (along with text and images in other layers), and set the timing and animation to play the video.

Unbelievable Customer Support

These guys are quick to respond and to help! I’ve personally dealt with them numerous times for various plugins they have developed and their support is one of the best I’ve seen for a premium plugin. This plugin is well worth your hard earned money.

I guess it’s no surprise why Slider Revolution has become one of the most sought after and fastest-selling content slider plugins for WordPress.

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