Consumers in the present age are fairly conscious of which product fits their needs perfectly keeping mind their personal quality and budget constraints. Search marketing that involves and makes of keywords is not only essential to the present seller but even allows you to reach your customers at any stage while in the buying cycle. Branded keywords have even been known to contribute significantly towards higher search volumes and conversion rates. A typical buying cycle usually consists of the following well-defined stages-

  • Problem Discovery: This is when the buyer identifies and comes to terms with his need.
  • Search: This step involves searching for methods to satisfy the buyer’s need. It also involves listing down the keywords primarily associated with the problem and using them in your searches.
  • Evaluate: Carry out comparisons among different models.
  • Decide: Gather relevant information and reinforce your beliefs to arrive at a decision.
  • Purchase: Make the actual purchase, either online or offline.
  • Revaluate: This final step involves spreading reviews about the product, either good or bad depending on your experience with it, through a general word of mouth or by writing reviews.