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Why Does Your Home Builder Business Need SEO?

To the modern product and service seeker, your business might as well be a speakeasy if it’s not showing up on the first page of Google search results. Gone are the days of phone books and newspaper ads driving new prospects. If you want to find new customers, and if there’s any chance of them finding you, you must have an online presence, and it must rank high. Whether you’re selling clothes or offering tours, baking cakes or cutting hair, you are invisible to the modern audience if you’re not showing up in a search result. Not to worry, though. We can get you on the top of the search results, and keep you there!

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Search Engine Optimization (Home Builders SEO)

We want to help you grow your business and we want you to succeed. We have developed effective and affordable SEO plans for businesses in all shapes and sizes. ShiftWeb was named best SEO agencies!

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Coding and content must be fully optimized to reach the top of search results.


Backlinks is key to getting noticed by Google. We’ll provide you with authority backlinks to give your site the boost it needs.

Home Builder LOCAL SEO

Why pay for clicks? Our organic Home Builder SEO services will get you targeted clicks and visitors.


Enjoy full transparency and always know where you rank with our comprehensive SEO reports.


We look behind the scenes at your competitor’s sites to give you the competitive edge.


We provide full content syndication to better target your audience and supply crucial backlinks.

Our Home Builder SEO Promise

Personal Attention.

You will be working directly with one of our attentive and knowledgeable team members, and provided with direct contact details so you can always get in touch with any questions that may arise. No robots, no waiting in lines… real people who are here for you.

No Long-Term Contracts.

We will provide our services for as long as you want them, and not a moment longer. No long-term contracts to sign or obligatory commitments.

Cutting-Edge Strategies.

We are always updating approaches and studying the latest trends and developments in SEO marketing to provide you with cutting-edge services. We understand in this always-evolving industry, it’s imperative to remain ahead of the curve to keep you ahead of the competition.

Why Choose an Home Builder SEO Company?

You have many choices when it comes to Home Builder SEO providers. Some might claim to offer guaranteed rankings, while others might look to charge you thousands of dollars for a few blog posts. Your goal is to simply get more customers and revenue for your business… Is that too much to ask?

ShiftWeb Solutions Home Builder SEO is perfect for both small and large businesses. We offer the down-home, personalized approach the Mom and Pop businesses will love, but also have the infrastructure to execute large, enterprise SEO campaigns. We’re a good fit for just about everyone.

If you’re searching for a solution that will increase the number eyes on your business, ShiftWeb Solutions can help. But take our word for it – we were named best SEO company!

Powerful Home Builder SEO

ShiftWeb Solutions is ready to go to work to make your business soar. Your business is our priority and we always take take the time to educate our clients and help them prepare for the upcoming increase in sales and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need SEO?
Nowadays we spend a big part of our days in the 2.0 world. Going online looking for a solution for any issue is now a common habit for the average person, just like we used to check the yellow pages to find some product or service 10+ or so years ago.

Today, people are used to looking online for information about the service they need and they will have access to millions of options in less than a second. This is when we understand why SEO is indispensable to any business that’s aiming to succeed. Keep in mind that over half of the people searching will go with the first three results they find and if you’re not among these you are losing a big opportunity to showcase your services.

Implementing SEO practices for your website will help you put your business on the top of the results for searches that include the keywords related to your business. This will be a determinant factor to keep your business one step ahead of your competitors.

What is Local SEO?
Local SEO is simply a way to promote businesses in specific geographic locations. There are many techniques to successfully expose a business to local search – namely the Google Map Pack. Map Pack are the search results shown under the ads and before the organic results. Depending on the nature of your business, local SEO might be the best way to add a value to your targeting approach and allowing you to reach more potential customers.
Is your SEO safe?
Yes. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and to do so we are constantly keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates. We do this to apply the safest SEO practices for your website. You’ve probably heard about SEO agencies claiming they can rank your website within a month, but in turn they create penalties that will essentially become very costly to fix. Our strategies are “white hat”, clean, and highly effective. Since no SEO company controls Google, beware of companies that guarantee rankings.
Is SEO dead?
We’re not sure where this saying came from, but frankly, we think it’s silly. Every day there are more people going online to find information about the product or services they need, and as long as this tendency continues and while Google dominates the digital world, SEO will still be necessary.

Organic search is the biggest source of traffic and this is something that should be kept in mind if you want to have a successful digital marketing strategy.

How much does SEO cost?
The price of SEO practices will always depend on your goals. While its cost can be much lower than traditional marketing practices, you need to acknowledge that good SEO is not cheap and that you shouldn’t spare when it comes to a practice that will have an impact on your revenues.

Good SEO requires experience from a professional that will use techniques that will drive traffic to your website without causing penalties. This is why at ShiftWeb Solutions we encourage you not to choose a SEO provider based only on its cost, because once penalties or low rankings happen it will be difficult and costly to repair the damage.

At the end of the day you should make your decision based on the ROI you get from the service instead of its cost, because while good SEO is not cheap, it can generates huge revenues for your business when its done properly.

Do you serve my area?
We will serve all small businesses nationwide. Our headquarters are in Atlanta, but we have worked with small businesses in many different states across the U.S. We will focus on YOUR geographic area and our goal is to make you the top business in your field in your city!

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