By now, you’ve probably heard of Google fonts. This wide directory of fonts can improve the look of websites, and have become a requirement in creating great looking websites.

WordPress is no stranger to awesome looking visuals, as its best characteristics include its customizability in terms of layout and theme design. In fact, many visual artists and web designers have turned to WordPress as a convenient way to create websites with amazing layouts and appearances. The rise of typography has also motivated site designers to focus on making text fonts the heroes of the site.

Experienced web designers are able to customize website fonts by changing the CSS files of the WordPress installation. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled enough to pull this off.

If you are interested to merge the best of both worlds, then you should check out WP Google Fonts, a free plugin built to integrate Google fonts into your WordPress website. Here’s what the plugin author has to say about this ultra-useful plugin:

The WP Google Font plugin makes it even easier to use Google’s free service to add high quality fonts to your WordPress powered site.

When you install the WP Google Fonts plugin, you will gain access to hundreds of free and open-source fonts beyond the usual. As of this writing, there are 632 font families deposited in the Google font directory. That’s a lot! Here are some of the salient features of this font customization plugin:

  • Assign fonts based on CSS elements. Peek inside your WordPress CSS or page source codes, and you will see the CSS elements being used in your website. Using the plugin, you can assign which fonts will be used by each CSS element (headlines, paragraphs, blockquotes, lists, and more).
  • Automatic access to Google fonts. By installing WP Google Fonts, you are also giving permission for installation of Google code to access the massive font directory. No need to manually input the code!
  • Easy to use. WP Google Fonts can be accessed through the Settings page, where you can assign fonts to particular CSS elements and even write custom CSS codes to implement the Web fonts.

WP Google Fonts will allow you to assign fonts to as many elements as you can. Just don’t go overboard in your fonts, unless you want your pages to look like a circus!

What if I want to use a font that is NOT in Google Fonts?

That’s a great question… and there’s a great solution! We highly recommend using Use Any Font. We use this plugin for about every site that needs custom fonts outside of Google Fonts. It is very easy to use! Customer support is amazing in case you have issues.

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