seoPeople ask me the same questions on a regular basis. I usually provide the same answers because the general advice is actually very good and helpful to most businesses.

Once a business is VERY interested in taking the next step, we would be able to assess their current online marketing and provide a more detailed proposal for improvement. It is essentially up to you, the business, if you want to take the next step!

Here are the basic, but very valuable insights on the best way to shift your marketing to find more success:

Does Your Site Need a Redesign?

While shifting your internet marketing, you may ask yourself whether your site needs a redesign. Signs that your site may need a redesign include a site that is hard to update or a site with features and functions that are hard to use or non-functioning. Another symptom of a website that needs an overhaul is that visitors are slowly leaving. Is your website boring, not engaging, and outdated in design? Since your website will be a first impression to many potential clients, you can’t afford to have an outdated site that may give visitors the impression that you do not care!

One of the biggest symptoms of a site that needs redone is whether a website is responsive or not. This is important because more and more users are accessing the website via devices. With this in mind, web designers have to think past laptops and desktops and start thinking about devices as well. A responsive website is easy to use on all devices including smartphones and tablets and never hinders the user’s experience.

Creating Awesome Content

In order to gain more business, you have to build the credibility for your business so people will trust you. How do you find those people who will give you the opportunity to show that you can provide great service? If you want people to find you online, you have to give them what they want! We live in the information age where people love useful, helpful, interesting, and/or entertaining content. They crave it. If you don’t regularly create new content for your website, why would people have a reason to visit your site or to give you the credibility as an expert in your field?

Have an SEO Plan in Place

Since SEO, search engine optimization, can make or break a website, it is incredibly important for all websites to have an SEO plan in place. If words and content aren’t your strong point, you should hire someone to create content for your website. Ignoring SEO can hamper your page rankings and be the difference between reaching new customers and your business failing. SEO is not rocket science, anyone will benefit from learning the basics of SEO. But if you want to take your internet marketing to another level, it would be wise to find a local SEO that you can trust because just like any field of work, it does take a lot of time, effort, and expertise. Allow yourself to do what you do best and get help to put an SEO plan in place.

Be Active in Social Media

thumbs upThe next biggest step in shifting your internet marketing is to be active in social media. Whether you are posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, or advertising your products and services on Pinterest, you want to put yourself and your business out there. Having your tweets followed and your posts shared will help your business reach new customers, produce more traffic to your website, and help you gain more public credibility in your field.

At ShiftWeb, we actually implement social media automatically in any SEO plan. Social media is such an important aspect that it is worth mentioning independently.

Be Consistent and Be Patient!

Lastly, the most important thing involved in shifting your internet marketing is to be consistent and patient. The best marketing campaigns aren’t successful overnight. It takes patience to wait for visitors to find your site and follow through with purchases. To create a regular traffic path, it also takes consistency. This means website owners have to put plans in pace and then follow through with them. Don’t give up!

Once you start seeing results you’ll be able to properly track and determine your next route. You can start experimenting on changes to your SEO plan and monitor what works. Constantly shifting your marketing is fun because you learn more about yourself, your business, and the world around you.

SEO icon designed by Oriol Carbonell and Social Media icon designed by Joris Hoogendoorn from The Noun Project.

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