Minimalist Theme

A beautiful, minimal theme from one of my favorites: Brian Gardner

Each year begs for more exciting developments in web design, and 2015 is no different. We’ve seen a lot of changes in how websites function over the last few years, mainly because people want more visually appealing but highly functional sites.

Here are some of the web design trends that will most likely stick around – and hit it big – in 2015:

Flat Design

As its name suggests, flat design involves two-dimensional images with no concept of depth or perspective. This web style became a staple in 2014, and it’s likely that it will linger on this year. Gradients, bevels and shadows have seen their heyday in years past, but it’s no longer a cool feature for the current crop of online users.

In order to capitalize on the growing trend of flat design but still incorporate some level of beveled or shadowed styling on objects, you may use ghost buttons. These buttons are disguised to follow flat design, but can be highlighted by hover animation. This feature was introduced to great lengths by Elegant Themes through its Divi Theme.

Simple and Minimal Design

Like flat design, less is more in the current world of web design. You don’t have to populate your pages with moving graphics or colorful background images. A minimalistic design has two advantages: the site visitor’s focus is on the content and not on the design, and the time it takes to develop your simplistic website becomes significantly shorter.

Responsive Design

Do you know that mobile browsing comprises up to 30 percent of Internet activity? If your website looks rubbish on tablets and smartphones, then you’re practically losing 30 percent of your potential market reach. The solution: responsive design. Fashion your website theme so that its layout will vary depending on the visitor’s screen resolution. In fact, analysts say that responsive design is not a trend anymore; it’s already a norm.

Emphasis on Typography

Google Web Fonts have set the norm to change the status quo of using tired font faces on websites. There’s much more to Times New Roman and Arial, you know! Typography has generated wild buzz over the past few years because of the heightened importance of textual content to engage more visitors and followers. A good typography design is able to marry aesthetic beauty and the power of SEO by using important text content with visually striking appeal.

Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.”
-Kanye West

Parallax Design

While flat design has become trending these days, site owners still desire to have some sense of design layers on their pages. Parallax design can give you exactly that, by allowing some page elements – usually background images or videos – move slower than the rest of the objects as the user scrolls the page. This creates an illusion of depth, thereby creating a more realistic look of the page.

Scroll Instead of Click

Apart from sparing your site visitors of carpal tunnel syndrome, allowing them to view your content without clicking the mouse makes for a very interesting and visually striking website. The current web design trend involves scrolling as a way to open up new panels on the page and activate animations on numerical counters and graphs. It also allows your visitors to stay on the page and still receive the information that they need from your site.

As a website owner, you must be on top of things related to your online pages, especially on the aspect of web design. As more online users yearn for more informative but visually entertaining websites, you must take it as a responsibility to deliver what they need. After all, you want to get their attention and make them potential clients, right?

Large Background Images & Videos

People have become more interested in visuals nowadays, and that is why images and videos should not be disregarded. One of the leading trends in 2014 – and will most probably be carried over in 2015 – is using huge images or videos as background. Together with parallax scrolling, using large background media files can give an extra oomph in your pages.

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