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Why Choose a Local Forest Park Website Designer?

We offer website design in Forest Park, GA. Our team is local, talented, and ready to help your business dominate online! If you’re looking for an amazing website, we can make it happen fast. We have website design clients that range from small, local businesses to large, Fortune 1000 enterprises. When it comes to web design, ShiftWeb Solutions has you covered! Wouldn’t it be great to focus on running your business instead of slaving over the technicalities of maintaining your website? We’re here to help. We were named as the best local web design company!

Your website is not just a tool, it is an integral part of your identity.

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Forest Park, GA Web Design & Development

Let us help you ignite your brand with captivating, modern, and responsive web design and development. We build affordable and professional websites with search engines in mind.

Our Standards

SEO Ready

We build our sites with search engines in mind. We follow Google’s guidelines for onsite structure to ensure your new website is easily indexed and ranked on Google.


Pages that take too long to load will lose visitors. Faster loading webpages offer better rankings, better conversions, and higher traffic.


We build all sites using WordPress, the most powerful and flexible platform for building websites. There’s a good reason why WordPress powers 30% of the World Wide Web!


Is your website driving leads for your business? We’ll add call to action messages and lead capture forms on your website’s pages.


Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘content is king’? We’ll provide each page on your website design with high-quality content that is professional and unique.


Get Forest Park web design at an affordable rate. Our services cost a fraction of what it would cost if you hired an agency.


It is standard that we build all sites responsive. This means your website will automatically format correctly to any device that a user might be using – including desktops, mobile-phones, and tablets.


It is incredibly important that you make visitors happy! We make sure that your website is easy for users to navigate and get the information they want.


After your website is built, we will give you and your team a tutorial on how to manage your website. If needed, we are always here to help!

Answers to Common Web Design Questions

We take Forest Park, GA website design seriously. At ShiftWeb Solutions, we believe that even the smallest organization needs a dynamic web site to support them. Using the latest design tools and programming, we strive to ensure that your organization’s website is customer focused, mobile and user friendly, and best represents you and your organization. We’ll work with you through each step of the design process, train and educate on how to use your website as a marketing tool, and stay within your budget to provide you with a web site that meets your needs as well as your customers.

What is Front-End Web Design?

The front end relates to what users can see and interact with, for example an image they can view or a button they can click. The fundamental code components of the front end of a website are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML is the core building block of any web page. CSS overlays other elements and defines style, colors, and how the page will respond to different devices. Javascript is used to define how the on page elements move, along with interactive elements such as navigation drop down menus.

What is Back-End Web Development?

Back end development relates to what the user does not see, yet controls the website much like the brain controls the body. It covers any action the user performs such as filling in a contact form or adding items to a shopping cart, that gets transmitted to the web server and returns results. A server-side scripting language such as PHP is used to query the web server and return results to the user via modified front end code- so they will see an additional item in their shopping cart, for example. It goes without saying this aspect of the website build needs to perform flawlessly. A solid framework and excellent use of code by an experienced Forest Park, Georgia web developer is absolutely necessary.

Does My Website Need SEO?

Whether your site seeks to target local keywords or national phrases, we can help. We have tremendous experience in both areas. We are also confident when working with advanced and Enterprise SEO projects. Since mobile search queries have grown 500% in the past 2 years, and mobile usually yields local results, Google Maps optimization is now more important than ever.

Can My Website Beat My Competitor’s Websites?

With the explosion in the number of competing websites, it’s critical that your website’s first impression be a good one – you most likely will only get one chance. A professional website design that takes into account your brand, color, visual layout, navigation, photography, and message is imperative to establishing the credibility of your website and your company. At ShiftWeb Solutions, we specialize in helping our clients beat ALL of their competitors in Forest Park, GA and the surrounding areas!

Website Review Process

After internal testing and review on multiple browsers and platforms, ShiftWeb Solutions coordinates a final review with you before doing a SOFT launch of the new website. The new website will be available for testing, review, data entry, etc. on a temporary URL that only you have access to. After final approval from you, the website will “go live”, and be available to the general public. Additional testing and review is performed at this point by ShiftWeb to ensure that all functionality has transferred completely from the test environment to the internet.

About Forest Park, Georgia

The City of Forest Park is located in northern Clayton County nine miles south of the City of Atlanta. The city has an advantageous geographic location in the southern metropolitan region, having convenient access to Interstate 75 and Interstate 285 and five mile east of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The City of Forest Park also includes the Fort Gillem Military Reservation which encompasses 1,465 acres and is located in the northern section of the city.

Developed as a “wood and water stop” known as “Stump Town” which may have been derived from the stumps left as trees were cut to provide fuel for the passenger and freight trains going in and out of Atlanta. Forest Park has developed into one of the largest cities in Clayton County.

Source: http://www.forestparkga.org

Forest Park, GA Web Design

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