To make it convenient for people who “don’t have a lot of time” for SEO, we made a simple list of the most basic and essential things you should do if you are interested in doing the bare minimum. Note: The bare minimum isn’t quick and easy. 🙂

Identify Keywords by Identifying Demand

google adwordsIn order to be successful, every website needs to be created in a manner that catches keywords and demand. To do this, website owners need to use keyword research to see how users search.

Furthermore, it is important to do this in a variety of categories as well. We highly recommend using Google’s Keyword Toolbar.

This handy site let’s you research keywords and find keyword competition levels for free.

Create Awesome Content

Content is very important when it comes to your site’s success on the web. To maximize the benefits of content, owners should choose a variety of content such as blogs, infographics, webinars, discussions, podcasts, blogs, and articles that relate directly to their website. Doing this creates an information exchange. No matter what type of content you choose, you want to make sure it is entertaining and useful.

Optimize Your Content

When creating content for your site, you need to focus on several SEO tactics.
1. Use attractive images relative to the site and content.
2. Add resources like links to other great sites and useful websites.
3. Create title and description tags, friendly URLs, and image alt attributes.
4. Apply Google authorship.

Promote Your Content

Make sure every project, even SEO, on your site is measurable. Also, it is important to track all new page performance in the SERPs. If a page 1 ranking isn’t achieved in the first two weeks after creation, you may need to do some offsite SEO promoting. The best off-site SEO promotion is link building, content marketing, syndication, RSS, guest blogging, social media, forum discussions, blog comments, and infographics (also see this and this).

Use Google Analytics to Track and See What Converts

Lastly, site owners should be sure to use Google Analytics. This free program is designed to help owners turn site visitors into customers by attracting more traffic. Use of this program will help owners see what promotions are working and which aren’t. Understanding what is and isn’t working is the best way to increase conversions and profits, improve site designs, and drive targeted traffic to your site.

What is the bare minimum that you do for SEO every month? Let us know in the comments below?

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