Genesis theme logoRemember the time when site developers had to manually write HTML codes for hours just to generate a front page for a website? This generation is quite lucky, because all they need to do is download and install WordPress, change a few settings, and enjoy their website. It’s like magic!

To top it all off, the ease in creating websites has been enhanced with the availability of thousands of WordPress themes. After years of working on WordPress and its many intricacies, I have come up with my own list of must-have themes and site plugins whenever I plan to put up a new website.

One of the best WordPress theme frameworks out there is hands down Genesis. Built by my favorite WordPress theme developers Studiopress, Genesis has become an industry standard when it comes to premium WordPress themes. The open secret behind the success of Genesis is its ability to adapt to a wide array of child themes. Already bored with your current Genesis-powered theme? Go ahead and trash that child theme, and move on to a spankin’ new one while still retaining the awesome features that Genesis is famous for.

If I really have to summarize just in a few words why I make this framework my first choice it would be, I trust Studiopress. I trust these guys to build the best WordPress themes on the market and it definitely helps that they provide some of the best customer service I’ve seen.

You probably want to hear more detailed reasons though, so that is why you are reading this post today. Well heads up, fasten your seatbelts, and join me in discovering why Genesis has become a gold standard in WordPress theme frameworks:

Genesis is very well built

One word: HTML5. This code benchmark makes a website adaptive to future changes in web standards and practices, thereby keeping your site technically up to date. Genesis is built on HTML5, thereby giving your WordPress installation the following amazing features: compatibility in multiple browsers, provision for responsive design, mobile-friendly interface, and enhanced multimedia experience.

Because it is a theme framework, your basic Genesis features will stay intact even if you change child themes. That means you can change your site from a personal blog to an online magazine, and still retain the powerful benefits of the Genesis framework.

The strong structure of Genesis has enabled many developers to become adept with the code. If you decide to change the people handling your website’s development, there’s a big chance that your next hire is familiar with Genesis.

The people behind Genesis are freelance WordPress coders and designers, and they can also customize your Genesis-run site into your desired output. If you have enough knowledge, you can even go crazy with customizations on Genesis, because the framework is so easy and fun to use!

Genesis Provides Unlimited Everything and Future Updates

StudioPress Premium WordPress ThemesYes, you read that right. With Genesis, you get endless customer support, lifelong updates, and an unlimited number of websites. Planning to set up dozens – even hundreds – of websites? You only need to buy a single Genesis license, which you can use for ALL of your websites!

While you don’t need to worry much about the convenience of using Genesis, you will have access to the Genesis support team and forum. The people over at Studiopress are some really nice and helpful folks, you won’t be disappointed, I promise. It’s no wonder I keep going back to use their themes, I use them more than any other theme shops out there.

In addition to unlimited updates, the Genesis developers have ensured that future upgrades will not break your website. The one-click upgrade makes updating fast and easy.

Genesis gives you airtight security

As snug as vacuum seal, security of the Genesis framework is assured because of the expertise of its developers, headed by lead WordPress developer Mark Jaquith. The same solid security that brought WordPress accolades is also implemented in Genesis.

Genesis has built-in features and is easy to customize

When you grab hold of the shiny new Genesis box, you get the following features: SEO-ready architecture, responsive HTML5 designs, customizable widget and layout options, automatic resizing of featured images, and dedicated site security.

Despite the boatload of features in Genesis, its simple and lightweight code makes it easy for developers and even beginners to create websites. Many of the customizations can be implemented by simply clicking on buttons to create new functions or site sections.

Genesis has a huge community

Because of the simplicity and awesomeness of this WordPress theme framework, Genesis has spurned a large community of web developers, web designers, and content generators. The community provides an exciting way to get plugged into Genesis, and at the same time connect with fellow users who may have something interesting to contribute to your website.

You may want to check out the following online networks and communities to discuss and learn more about the framework: Genesis Dev, Studiopress Forums, and #genesiswp on Twitter. The people behind Studiopress are among the best experts in the field, and their dedication to help Genesis users is unparalleled.

Genesis is search engine optimized

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress by StudioPressOut of the box, Genesis is already designed to boost your WordPress site to the top search rankings. The developers have ensured that the framework is built on clean and optimized code, as well as a great design structure.

Other SEO boosters integrated in Genesis include microdata output and Google Authorship.

I could really go on and on about the outstanding features of this amazing framework, but I’m sure you are already very eager to get your hands on Genesis.

Why do YOU love Genesis? Let us know in the comments!

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