MainWP-logoUsing MainWP to manage your websites not only takes the pains of site management away but also gives you an opportunity to extend the functionality of your websites. The basic MainWP installation already covers most of what website owners and administrators need in maintaining their websites, but extensions boost your admin capabilities.

The current roster of MainWP extensions consists of 36 extensions, which are all available in a single bundle worth $399. That price covers a lifetime license for existing and future – yes, even upcoming – extensions, and takes off $320 if you bought each extension individually.

Each MainWP extension provides a unique feature that can enhance the functionality of the management tool. Let me discuss some of my favorite MainWP extensions, all of which are available through the MainWP Extensions page:

Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension

Advanced-Uptime-Monitor-150x150“I don’t want to know if my websites are up and running,” said nobody. Hey, if it was me, I would watch my websites like a hawk for downtimes and errors just to make sure that the site visitors don’t get discouraged. Fortunately, MainWP comes with a nifty add-on called Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension, which does monitoring of your websites every five minutes. The system will send you an email alert once it discovers a site downtime, so that you can address the problem ASAP.

MainWP Broken Links Checker Extension

mainwp-broken-links-checker-extension-150x150Search engines penalize websites that contain broken links, and visitors don’t want to get lost following a link that’s not working anymore.This MainWP extension is a big help to ensure that all of the links on your site are working. This extension connects your MainWP Dashboard to the free WordPress Broken Link Checker to centralize all checks to your website.

The extension summarizes your websites and their respective links in a single dashboard page to make link management simpler and easier to use. This way, you don’t have to log in to every single website to correct the broken links.

MainWP Maintenance Extension

mainwp-article-uploader-extension-400x400Using WordPress for a long time may create some clutter in your database. With the Maintenance Extension, you can clean up your database by removing post revisions, trash articles, spam, automatic drafts, and other unnecessary content. This extension is also equipped with a one-click database optimization command to reduce database storage space and improve the efficiency of your site.

Regular database cleanup and maintenance speeds up a website significantly, so using this extension helps your WordPress site load faster and rank better in search results.

MainWP Page Speed Extension

mainwp-page-speed-extension-150x150The obsession for site speed can never be exaggerated, because Google and other search engines really prefer websites that load fast. Visitors also like to return to websites that display content without delays, so yeah, site speed will always be a concern for web developers.

Fortunately, the MainWP Page Speed Extension connects all of your websites to the Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress plugin. The extension allows you to see the speed score of your websites based on Google’s metrics, and gives recommendations to address speed bumps. You can also configure the extension to send you scheduled alerts when your Page Speed runs below a chosen score.

MainWP Piwik Extension

mainwp-piwik-extension-150x150Piwik is a web analytics program that works just like Google Analytics but none of the IP address identification and other tracking snippets that Google is known for. Piwik is highly compliant to privacy of information about you and your site visitors.

This extension allows all of your websites to get connected with the Piwik plugin to track site metrics such as pageviews, visits, bounce rate, and more. With this extension, you can track analytics of multiple websites on a single interface.

MainWP Remote Backup Extension

mainwp-remote-backups-ext-icon-150x150What good are site backups if you can’t store them on a secure location? With the MainWP Remote Backups Extension, you can assign storage locations for your scheduled backups. Choose between Dropbox, Amazon S3, Copy or FTP. You can set how many backups will be stored and which storage locations you want to use. By using this extension, you save a lot of time that you would have spent manually saving the backups on your local drive and uploading them to your preferred online storage.

MainWP Article Uploader Extension

mainwp-article-uploader-extension-400x400Uploading multiple articles will never be a problem when you hook up this extension to your MainWP installation. The MainWP Article Uploader Extension enables you to upload posts and pages to your websites conveniently. You may upload them in a single website, a selection of sites, or all of them! You have a choice between a text file or a CSV file to bulk upload your articles. Best of all, the add-on works with the Spinner Extension to automatically spin your articles and avoid search engine penalty for content duplication.

MainWP Clone Extension

mainwp-clone-ext-icon-150x150Enhance the power of managing multiple websites by having the ability to quickly clone your site pages. This can be done using the Clone Extension, which creates an exact replica of your existing website onto a fresh WordPress install. Cloning a site takes a lot of skill and patience, but this extension takes awat all of the hassle.

By using the Clone Extension, you can easily copy a template of your existing WordPress website onto a new installation. You can also use this add-on to easily transfer to another web host without the need for technical knowledge. You don’t need to pay for expensive migration services to do the same job that the Clone Extension can do for you.

MainWP Favorites Extension

mainwp-favorites-icon-150x150Managing themes and plugins across multiple websites may take ages to complete, but the Favorites Extension makes the process more organized. You can use this extension to store your favorite plugins and themes so that you can install them in several websites in one go. This is so convenient when you want your websites to have a similar set of functions and layouts but find it time-consuming to search and install each item. In other words, if you want the installation process to be completed in a jiffy, you’ll definitely find pleasure in this extension.

MainWP Sucuri Extension

mainwp-sucuri-extension-150x150Nobody wants to visit a site that has been compromised or looks malicious. Make sure that your websites are cleared from malware and infections using the Sucuri Extension.

With this add-on, you can scan all of your sites using the Sucuri SiteCheck Tool for possible malware compromises, obsolete applications, or blacklisted status in search engines. You can scan and check multiple sites all in one convenient and organized dashboard.

MainWP Clean and Lock Extension

mainwp-clean-and-lock-extension-150x150This extension may be free to use, but don’t think that this is just a run-of-the-mill add-on. The Clean and Lock Extension is a powerful tool that secures your admin access pages and prevents people from discovering your site backend files. The extension organizes your default admin dashboard by hiding WordPress admin menus. This leads to a cleaner interface that makes admin commands easier to find.

You may also bolster the security of your site using the Dashboard Lock Down feature, which lets you enter IP addresses that are allowed to have access to your admin files. You may also add another layer of login credentials on top of the default WordPress controls.

Part of the awesomeness of MainWP comes from its impressive list of features – one-click access to multiple WordPress websites, easy management and control, site backup and cloning capabilities, security features, and amazing tech support. With the presence of extensions, MainWP is definitely the best WordPress management system plugin to help you maintain all of your websites.

Ready for better productivity? Check out MainWP now!


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