Amidst the age of social media and mobile apps, email continues to stand its ground as one of the best media for marketing. People really haven’t gotten rid of their emails, because they’re needed to sign up for social media accounts and receive online correspondence.

If you are running a business and want to increase the number of followers to your website, you need to invest in email marketing. While some skeptics are saying that email marketing is already archaic, failure to build an email list might be one of the worst mistakes that a company or website owner can make.

Here are some of the reasons why setting up an email list is still relevant in this generation:

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[su_spoiler title=”Personal approach”]
Direct but casual: that’s how email marketing arrives in a subscriber’s inbox. Your marketing blasts are delivered directly to the email addresses of each follower, and they all appear as personalized messages in their accounts.
[su_spoiler title=”Fuel for subscriber interest”]
When people sign up to be included in your email list, that’s solid proof that they found something interesting in your site. Sending them an email marketing message pumps them up to return to your site more often.
[su_spoiler title=”Effective medium for targeted marketing”]
If you configure your email marketing list properly, you may be able to determine the preferences of your subscribers. This will give you better leverage to send them content that they are passionate about. The result is targeted marketing that will generate improved conversions.
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Email marketing lends itself to a more private way of sending information to your followers. You can invite them to reply to your emails without fear of going public. This can also foster their trust in your brand and result to follower-induced advertising.


Email Newsletter Providers

In order to start an email list, you need to establish a system to do everything – collect email addresses, create email marketing messages, and send them to members of the email list. You have two types of email marketing services available in the market: paid and free. Here are three of the most popular paid email marketing software:

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[su_spoiler title=”MailChimp”]
Personally, I highly recommend this particular service of all the premium choices. MailChimp offers fabulous features such as subscriber profiles, automation and personalization functions, amazing designs, and analytics. You may start a free account so that you can handle up to 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails per month.

Check out MailChimp

[su_spoiler title=”AWeber”]
This autoresponder service is equipped with email newsletter, creator, signup forms, subscriber management system, and performance tracking. You may try all of the features in one month for only $1.

Check out AWeber

[su_spoiler title=”Constant Contact”]
This is another powerful email marketing software that can give you unlimited email campaigns, tools to manage subscribers and build email lists, reporting and analytics, file storage, and custom campaigns. You may sign up for a new account today and try their services for 60 days free of charge.

Check out Constant Contact


Grow Your Email List

If you are using WordPress, you’re in luck because building and maintaining an email list will be so much easier. Here are some of the plugins that could help you get started on your own email marketing list:


Dubbing itself as a WordPress popup and lead generation plugin, OptinMonster is chock full of features: ready-made form designs, A/B testing, page level targeting, and smart analytics. You can integrate popular email marketing software such as MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and others.

Ninja Popups for WordPress

This premium plugin that we found at Themeforest is designed to convert site visits to effective leads through popup signup forms. Ninja Popups is compatible with popular email marketing modules and may be integrated in social media accounts. Payment is made for the plugin purchase, without any recurring fees.


This lead generation plugin is equipped with three tools. LeadPages allows you to conveniently create landing pages, LeadBoxes generates popup boxes that come up in pre-selected visitor actions, and LeadLinks is the plugin’s email subscriber list manager app.

Optin Feature Box

The plugin successfully achieves a simple task: put an email subscription signup box below the WordPress header. Optin Feature Box comes with templates that are customizable and responsive, video optin forms, post-specific boxes, A/B split tests, and compatibility with most email marketing applications.

Optin Architect

Designed to create lead capture forms in under five minutes, Optin Architect is a plugin that generates customizable and fully responsive optin boxes, auto-responder compatibility, exit-intent technology, and comprehensive analytics.

Regardless of what software or plugin you use, now is the best time to start your own email list. Remember that an effective email list can convert site visitors into potential customers and loyal clients.

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